What we do.....

We build new roofs and re-roof existing buildings.

When the roof is damaged or has a considerable amount of missing or broken tiles then a re-roof is probably the best solution.

Re-roofing can be a complete new roof where it is necessary to replace batons and roof membranes or a part roof (providing the batons and membrane are in good order) where we remove and replace the tiles.


Why Re-roof

There are a few reasons for choosing to re-roof rather than repair:

If your roof has quite a lot of missing or damaged tiles, then it may be a cheaper alternative to re-roof rather than keep repairing.

The roof is damaged, or in a bad condition due to the weather conditions taking its toll over time.

Most re-roofs are considered when the roof is starting to deteriorate due to the wear and tear and the weather.

Selling your home - if the roof isn't in a good condition buyers may have second thoughts about having to spend more money on a roof.

Roofs do protect your home and last for years so although it may seem an expensive purchase it will pay for itself in the long run.

The Process:

Remove the existing broken tiles.

Strip the roof - removed the slats and roof membrane.

Re-Lay new roof membrane.

Install new treated slats.

Laying down the new Roof Tiles (ie Rosemary tiles).

Fit new Fascia, Soffits and gutters if required.



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