Dry Fix, Dry Verge Solutions from DB-PROPERTY-MAINTENANCE

Dry Verge

Dry Verge Systems are a very popular product and provide a neat, secure and mortar-less finish at roof verges.


Eaves closures secure the tail of the first verge unit and are designed to close the gap to prevent birds and rodents getting into the roof space.
Each system comprises of verge units to suit left and right hand verges - these are available in colours to complement the roof tiles.


Dry Verge system, has been specifically designed to suit most single lap large format concrete and clay roof tiles. The system is extremely quick and easy to fit and depending upon the particular tile, is either closely colour matched or coloured to complement the tiles.

With Dry Verge Systems you no longer have to worry about the 'wet' mortar cracking and crumbling with wear and tear through the changeable weather.

Dry verge is more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

It prevents small animals and birds getting in, which can cause damage to roofs.

It's weatherproof and waterproof and ideal for our changeable climate.

A well fitted dry verge system will withstand our normal weather conditions, with little risk of it blowing off and falling on cars. conservatories or even people.

Very little maintenance is required, unlike the 'wet' mortar verges.

Allows a little ventilation to prevent condensation.

It also allows for movement of the roof (vibration of passing vehicles or natural expansion and contraction), again, unlike the old mortar verges.



Dry verge systems

Installing a dry verge system on a roof

Installed a dry verge system on the porch,

also showing the box ends, fascia, soffit and cladding.